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          LM 2019 财务报告

          The goal in sharing LM’s financials is to foster transparency and build trust. A current snapshot, based on our fiscal year ending June 30, 2019 review by Brown, Schultz, Sheridan & Fritz, demonstrates a strong foundation and our continued work toward a stable and secure future. bt365体育在线投注 cares for students and provides a superior Christ-centered education. As we look ahead at LM we are excited about the changes that are taking root. We have much to rejoice over! Join me in celebrating the work of our faith-based school community 和 talented alumni!

          我们欢迎有关财务报告和LM已经采取的步骤的对话和问题。请与我联系以获取更多信息,通过电子邮件: tieszenpk@lancastermennonite.org 或致电:(717)740-2422。

          这是我们财务的高级视图。如果你有兴趣更详细,请联系我们的完整报告。这份报告最初是在印 桥梁 春季版2020

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